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Carmageddon II location
Beaver County Airport
Beaver Airport map
Groups 6, 7, 8
Levels Runaway Runaway
Con Rod Air
Airpain 3
Mission Control Freak

In Carmageddon 64Edit

Carmageddon 64 location
Beaver County Airport
Groups 6, 7, 8, 10
Levels Runway Runaway
Con Rod Air
Airpain 3
Plane Silly
Mission Air We Go

The Beaver County Airport is the seventh location in Carmageddon II, and also the seventh in Carmageddon 64. It's the county's airport, and it's quite functional, with airplanes leaving and landing every once in a while.

General infoEdit

C2 Beaver Airport

Max Damage next to a plane.

The Northern part of the level is mostly water, as one would expect, and the terrain is mostly grass, except for the runways and some trails outside the airport. A large lake lies to the East.

The level features the normal things one would find at an airport. There is the control tower at the center of the level, the airplane hangers, terminal and the monorail. More unusual is the back of an airplane sticking out of the cliffside.

Careless players may get hit by the ongoing airplane traffic, but it is also possible to cause the plane to crash while it performs it's regular touch-and-go landing.


Some players like this location whereas other don't. For some the terrain may be too bland, and to others it may be too bumpy.


  • There are 3 bonus slots, one of each kind, on the station's roof. Be careful, the glass breaks easily.
  • There is an extra point of each APO on the crashed plane (half) in the cliff-face to the South.
  • Between the ramps at the South of the Northern road, that connects crosses the lake, are 4 pillars, and 3 of them have an APO point of each kind, and the other has a solid granite car powerup.

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