Carmageddon II location
Beaver Mountains
Beaver Mountains map
Groups 4, 5, 6
Levels Piste Off
Snow Way Out
Bob Slay
Mission In Cold Blood
Carmageddon 64 location
Beaver Mountains
Groups 4, 5, 6, 9
Levels Piste
Snow Way Out
Bob Slay
Mission On The Piste

The Beaver Mountains are the fifth location in Carmageddon II and Carmageddon 64. It follows the usual snowy-land level cliché, featuring lots of snow, and lots of ice. Yet, this is not just a set of mountains; it's also a winter resort with several attractions.

General infoEdit

C2 Beaver Mountains

Max Damage going down the alpine ski track.

The track is mostly on road, but outside the road, all there is is pretty much snow. There are also some times where the race really drives trough snow. These mountains reach a high height, and when down below, it's a bit hard to climb to the top. The road usually circles the level, and goes from the top to bottom at the East and West.

At the Northeast starts an alpine ski track that sprints all the way to the Southwest of the level. At the Northwest is the top of the level's ski jump track. The player can slide it, but to much speed can be a problem. At the West, there is a small ski track. To the South of it, and a bit to the East is a small Winter lodge, with some houses. One of the houses is rounded in breakable glass, that has some useful powerups. At the back of these houses is a huge lake.

At the center pass two lifts that allow the people to access the higher and lower parts of the mountains. This lift wasn't made for cars, so smacking onto it will turn it into a physics object. To the South of the higher lift's terminal is the start of a bobsled track. Cars are free to have fun sliding down it, though it can be a bit hard to keep straight all the time.

Other than that, the level is almost all snow, with several levels of elevation and inclination. There is a food shop, "Le Ski", at the North of the alpine ski track's end.


  • A large path of snow lying horizontally on the North has some slots.
  • There are APO points atop the houses at the Southern lodge.


  • Near the set of buildings on the map's South are two bear sculptures made of ice. These can be broken when driven into with enough force, and the game displays the message "That's the last time he shits in the woods!". This is a reference to the obvious question "Does a bear shit in the woods?".

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