Car Stealer
Icon C3 stealer
A powerup in CarmaTDR
Type Misc.
Use Timed
Amount 15 seconds

The Car Stealer is a powerup that can't be normally obtained in Carmageddon: TDR 2000, as it was cut. It can still be accessed with cheats, and it grants the player the ability to swap controls with an opponent. The player has 15 seconds to touch an opponent. Once this is done, they will now control the chosen opponent. This is merely a swap of vehicles, not a swap of "brains"; which means that wasting the new car will not remove one opponent from the race's list. The player must now win using this car. When they do, the car will not be added to the garage.


  • If an opponent wastes you while you're under the powerup's effects, you'll swap vehicles with it the second the impact happens, allowing you to survive and get credit for the waste.

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