FANDOM was the main site for Carmageddon, but now hosts content about Carmageddon: Reincarnation.


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The countdownEdit

On 23rd May 2011, the site had a picture of 3 skulls laid vertically, and a countdown at the bottom. This was counting down to June 1st, at 10:00 GMT. However, due to the website's popularity, once the counter reached the bottom and users tried to refresh the page, they would be presented with an overloaded server error, as there were too many attempts to access the site. The countdown was delayed for some more hours at a time, sometimes even glitching out and presenting numbers like "0101012" or "01:00:01:78".

OverviewEdit has several sections, all about content of the Carmageddon series. Some sections talk about previous games, while others are focused on the development of Reincarnation. Users can register on the site. The purpose of this account is mostly for identification in the forums. It also features a store where users can buy Carmageddon-related merchandise.


  • News: This section displays the most recent news on Reincarnation's progress, the series, and the site in general.
  • Reincarnation: This section has info on Reincarnation, like the developer's blog and concept art.
  • Media: The user can download/watch videos and wallpapers, as well as printable schemes for paper cars.
  • History: Shows some info about the previous games.


A message board for the community can be found on the site. Users can discuss the development of Reincarnation, content about the original games, and give feedback on the website. It has the following sections:

  • Announcements
    • News and Announcements
  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    • General Discussion
  • Community
    • Competitions
    • Polls
    • Fan Sites
    • Mods (Discussion about mods for the original games)
    • Off Topic
  • Games
    • Carmageddon
    • Splat Pack
    • Carmageddon II
    • General Gaming
  • Support
    • Website feedback


CarmaTDR sucks

The banner on TDR's history page.

  • Due to Carmageddon: TDR 2000's quality below the other games, the developers refuse to even talk about it. If one clicks the game's section on the history page, a message will appear saying "We don't talk about this."
  • Most of the info written on the history section is taken directly from this wiki.

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