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Craggy Isle Dam Complex
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Craggy Isle Dam Complex is a location in Carmageddon Splat Pack. The player first encounters it at rank 94.

Carmageddon Splat PackEdit

The level consists of two large islands, joined by two bridges. The northern island is home to a gigantic dam; a steep mountain road runs to the top of it, and various ramps lead down behind it to a pool of water at the bottom (with three exits/entrance points to a side road). There are several coastal roads and plains.

The southern island also has a very steep and large hill, which is topped by a rounded building with four points (with time bonuses on them). There is a small city area, and to the north a six-pointed building lies in the centre of a roundabout. This building has powerups on its points, and each point can be used as a ramp to reach the surrounding rooftops.

The water in the center contains powerups, mines, and a couple of tiny islands. One road on the southern coast of the north island dips down to sea level, providing the player with a way back onto land.


  • Craggy Island is the primary setting of the sitcom Father Ted.


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