Carmageddon IIEdit

Carmageddon II driver
Dan Dead
Blood Riviera
Internal opponent number 24
Strength (1 - 5) 3
Network availability all

Short name Dandead
Race number 54
Status icon C2 Dan status
Top speed 160 mph
Kerb weight 1.16 tons
0 - 60 mph in 4.9 seconds
Cost 383,200 credits
"A classic fast musclecar with enhanced foe-grating front grill. Slice 'n' dice time."

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)Edit

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) driver
Blood Riviera
Top speed 160 mph
Kerb weight 1.0 tons
Cost 16,000 credits
"A classic fast muscle car with enhanced foe-grating front grill. Slice 'n' dice time."


  • Dan tears about in a 1965 General Motors Buick Riviera. The name change is based on the concept of a 'river of blood'.
  • It's easy to guess that the name Dan Dead is taken from Dan Dare.
  • He is the only undead character in the game.
  • Is the hooded guy with the scythe on the bonnet supposed to be Dan himself?
  • The main character in PlayStation game MediEvil is a skeletal corpse called Sir Daniel.
Drivers in Carmageddon II (cat)
Main driver Max Damage
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Drivers in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) (cat)
Main driver Max Damage
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Unlockable Magnum Magnumsson

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