Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Duel in the Arena
Location Military Zone
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 1
Items 0
Goals 2

C2 target big To Do: Add the time (easy) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (hard) to the info panel.
Care to do so?

Duel in the Arena is the second mission in the Military Zone area, and the fourteenth in the game.
Stitch Kowalski took over both gangs and wants to kill you, so you have to kill him first!


The way combat's been for millennia. And it's still just as shocking today...


First, go pick up some Slaughter Mortars (they'll help). Leave the base you're in, and drive to other fort. Go in, turn right, and take the ramp up onto the raised walkway. Head left to the end of the walkway to get the power-ups.

Now leave the military base by the way you came in. Go into the large building on your left, and the door will close behind you. The Cutter will appear; Waste him. Try not to leave the first main corridor, as the rest of the base is trickier to move around. When he's dead, head outside (through the re-opened main door, or the top floor windows).

HFB Terra, McKilem and Towmeister are now after you, but as the game tells you, you don't have to kill them at all. Turn left and follow the road back into the base where you started. Drive to the water towers to complete the mission.

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