Doughnut glitch

A glitch in Carmageddon 64
Location Any level
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Engine
Harmless No

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The wheelspin in Carmageddon 64 is a bit broken. When the player uses it for its primary function: to spin, it'll make the car spin a lot more than in the PC games. Trying to perform doughnuts with this crazy function isn't safe.

How toEdit

Perform a doughnut: Hold the wheelspin and forward/reverse buttons and turn left/right.


If the player started the doughnut from a stop, the car will hardly move from its spot.

But if the player did it when the car was moving, it'll spin really fast in a huge circle. Its center, rather than being at the tip of the car's wheels, will be placed around 12 feet away from the car's front. The speed gained when performing this glitch is enough to cause serious damage if struck against a wall.


There are two possible explanations: either a coding flaw made the circle's center a lot farther than what it should be, or the doughnut system hasn't been finished. Maybe it was completed in the game's initial stages, but a change in the wheelspin's physics might have changed how well doughnuts worked.

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