Solid breakables
C2 solid fence
A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Any level with breakables
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Engine
Harmless No

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Occasionally, when playing in a level that has breakable walls, like glasses, fences and the like, there is a chance that, from that point onward, the rest of the intact breakables will be indestructible, which means that the player isn't able to destroy them.

How toEdit

Smash several noncars. Glasses, fences, etc. Solid granite car seems to speed up the process.


The remaining breakables become indestructible after a certain point.


The faster the player hits a noncar, the lesser noncars (s)he'll be able to hit before they become unbreakable. This seems to be an overflow with the physics engine, and there are no known fixes. The only way to avoid this is to hit breakables at a low speed, so that the engine doesn't get overloaded.

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