Water walking peds
CPS water walking
A glitch in Carmageddon (PlayStation)
Location Any level with water
Reproducibility High
Cause Engine
Harmless Yes

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Carmageddon (PlayStation), like all Carmageddon games features pools of water. The vehicles interact correctly with it (driving through it with gravity decreased, hindered movements, etc), but for some reason the pedestrians don't.

How toEdit

Either herd a pedestrian towards a body of water, or wait for one to walk towards the water itself.


The pedestrian will stand on top of the water block as if it were solid ground. They can also walk around on it, and beg on their knees. Players can still drive into the water, and can even see the peds on the surface from below.


The most likely explanation is that the developers were lazy and didn't program the pedestrians' interaction with water; it's a big and common bug, so it's hard to overlook. It could have also been that they didn't have enough time to fix it before the game's release date, and they focused on fixing larger bugs instead.

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