The following is a list of all the competitors and opponents that appear in any official Carmageddon game, on any system. The list is organized into a chart that tells what games each driver appears in and each driver's total number of appearances.

See also List of all vehicles by appearance.


Driver C1 SP C2 PSX 64 TDR/NP GBC Mobile R/MD Total
Abe L X 1
Ada Nuff X 1
Agent Debbie O Nutts MD 1
Agent Orange X 1
Agro Man X 1
Akilla the Hun X 1
Alfonso Spaghetti X 1
Alotta Slaughter X 1
Ashteroid X X X 3
Auto Scum X X X 3
Banjo Strummy X 1
Batmad X X X 3
Bel LaGhostly X 1
Big Daddy X 1
Billy Joe Jim Bob X 1
Billy, Bob, Billy-Bob X 1
Bonsai Lun X 1
Brothers Grimm X X X X 4
Burly Shirley X 1
Buster Crimes X 1
Buzz Lightweight X X 2
Cameron Carrion X 1
Carkey & Clutch X X1 2
Chief Biggun F2 X 2
Crank Zapper X 1
Dan Dead X X 2
De-d 209 X 1
Dick Structor X 1
Die Anna X X X X X X 6
Doctor Mambo X 1
Don Dumpster X X X X X X X 7
Doug Ahol X 1
Ed 101 X X X X X 5
Ed Hunter X X MD 3
Ed Lesgar MD 1
Eddie Gourmet X 1
Ernie Duck X 1
Farmer Fright X X 2
Fatman Dimm X 1
Firestorm X 1
Frau Dauver X 1
General P. Ram X 1
Gimi Carnage X 1
Gore Usome X 1
Grace Full X 1
Guido Kiksass X 1
Halfwit Harry X X X 3
Hammerhead X MD 2
Han Grenade X 1
Hannibal Kannibal X 1
Hans Kristoff Havocstein X 1
Heinz Faust X X X X 4
Helga Shwein X 1
Herb 'E' X X3 X 3
Herman Monster X 1
Herr Kooled X X X 3
Honest John X 1
Hugh Jorgen X 1
Humungassass X 1
Ice Tea X 1
Incredible Kutter X 1
Iron Tiger X 1
Ivan the Bastard X X X 3
Jake Viper X 1
Jaws Verne X 1
Jay Dead X 1
Jenny Taylia X X4 X 3
Junior X 1
Kenn Worst X 1
Killer Queen X 1
Kurt Blasthoff X 1
Kutter X X X5 X 4
Lady Bug X X X 3
Lightning Larry X 1
Ma Donna X 1
Madam Scarlett X MD 2
Magnum Magnumsson X X X 3
Major Payne X 1
Maurice Stalwart X X6 2
Max Damage X X X X X X X X X 9
Maxine Sane X 1
Maxx Razor X 1
Maya De'Ath X 1
Mech Maniac X X 2
Metal Mikey X 1
Michael Pain X 1
Mike Hunt X 1
Mike O'Kane X 1
Mono Massacre X 1
Moon Child X X X 3
Mother Trucker X X MD 3
Mr. Whip X 1
Mustang Smelly X 1
Nora Virus X 1
Nutkenz X 1
Officer Goose X 1
OK Stimpson X 1
Omar Sheriff X 1
Orlando Gassim X 1
Otis P Jivefunk X X X X X X X 7
Pacey Gowst X 1
Pete D'Ville X 1
Philippe A. Shio X 1
Psycho Pitbull X X X X X 5
Psychohontas X 1
Pussy LaGore X 1
Ray Zee Fool X 1
Reverend Limit X 1
Rod Hell X X7 2
Roman X 1
Rommel Warr X 1
Rusk X 1
Russ T X 1
Samson Kaine X 1
Sawbones X 1
Screwie Lewie X X X X X 5
Shawnee Smitt X X X 3
Silvester Stallion X X 2
Sinthea X X X 3
Sir David Havahock X 1
Slim Chance X X 2
Stella Stunna X X X 3
Stig O'Sore X X X 3
Su Borg X X X 3
Syn Bin X 1
Tetsuo X 1
The Cops X X X X X 5
The Cops Special Forces X X X X 4
The Gimp X 1
The Terrible Twin X 1
Thor Ironhammer X 1
Thunder B. Old X 1
Twig N Berries X 1
Uther Hurt X 1
Val Hella X X 2
Veronica Vixen X 1
Vlad X X X X X8 X9 X 7
Wanda Lust X 1
Wayne Kerr X 1
Wide Boy X X X 3
Wiseguy X 1
Yoga Hurt X 1

1. As Khaki and Krutch.
2. Appears only in Funsize port.
3. As Bugmeister.
4. As Stalker.
5. As Dave Dead.
6. As Major Minor.
7. As Godrod.
8. As Vlad the Viking.
9. As Vlad the Impaler.


  • Drivers that use more than two vehicles: Max Damage, Die Anna, Auto Scum and...Vlad?
  • Drivers that appear more often than Die Anna: Max Damage, Don Dumpster, Vlad and...Otis P Jivefunk?
  • Only one driver introduced after C1 made it to Reincarnation (Mother Trucker).
  • All drivers that appeared in both C1 and C2 also appeared in Reincarnation (except for Auto Scum, and even there Nora Virus sort of counts).
  • Six of the fifteen drivers introduced in SP returned for C2. Of those that didn't, only Carkey and Clutch made it into any other game.
  • C2's drivers were more prolific: fourteen of the twenty drivers introduced in that game appeared in at least one more.
  • Only Carmageddon GBC failed to introduce a new driver.

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