Carmageddon location
MagnaChem Acid Ocean Reprocessor
Map A
Levels Industrial Injury
Industrial Action
Fragged at the Factory

Carmageddon location
MagnaChem Acid Ocean Reprocessor
Map B
Levels MagnaChem Mayhem
Acid Reign
Ramp Rampage

MagnaChem Acid Ocean Reprocessor is a location in the original Carmageddon. The player first encounters it at Rank 90.


Owned by MagnaChem, this is a factory area complete with cranes and crates. There are several pools of glow-in-the-dark yellow acid, but they are safe to drive in (they do not corrode your car).

It's a long way down from those high bridges though the player is automatically recovered. The opponents will recover too, but if they're pushed off by the player, they'll be wasted. The player earns no credits with this, but given the area's thin bridges and abundant acid pits, this is normally used to easily get rid of cops.



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