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Carmageddon II is the sequel to Carmageddon, released for the PC and Macintosh. Out of the trilogy, this game is considered the best due to the fun gameplay and simple playing style, despite having less things than its prequel, like the pratcam.

The gameplay is the same as Carmageddon's, but some new features have been added. The introduction of items, missions and crushage are just a few. Despite being an old game, Carmageddon II is still played to this day, and several customizations have been made for it.


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28 Feb 2014 — Early Access for Carmageddon: Reincarnation will start 27th March, with Kickstarter backers getting in 13th March![1]

17 Oct 2013Carmageddon II is digitally re-released on Good Old Games![2]

25 Sep 2013Carmageddon "Funsize" is a "beat the average" game in the Humble Mobile Bundle 2[3]

03 May 2013Carmageddon "Funsize" to be released for Android May 10th 2013 - free on Android and iOS for 24 hours![4][5]

17 Oct 2012Carmageddon "Funsize" released for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - free for the first 24 hours![6]

27 Sep 2012Carmageddon Max Pack is digitally re-released on Good Old Games![7]

7 Jun 2012 — The C:R Kickstarter closes at $625,143 pledged!

27 May 2012 — Stainless reach their Kickstarter goal of $400,000 raised, with 10 days to go!

25 May 2012Carmageddon and the Splat Pack are coming to Good Old Games[8], and a second Reddit AMA took place[9]!

19 May 2012 — Nobby led an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit![10]

13 May 2012 — Carmageddon Wiki reaches 600 pages!

8 May 2012Stainless Games have launched their Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter project[11], hoping to raise $400,000!

1 Jun 2011Carmageddon: Reincarnation was announced for a 2012 release!

23 May now has a timer counting down to an announcement on June 1st!

10 Oct 2010 — Preparing for the Wikia theme switchover in November.

23 Sep 2010 — Carmageddon Wiki is now available in another language: Portuguese!

23 Apr 2010 — Carmageddon Wiki reaches 500 pages! As far as the Gaming Wikia is concerned, we are now identified with a little yellow star! Carmageddon Wiki hasn't been added to the Wiki list, though, but this should soon be fixed.

24 Feb 2010 — Carmageddon Wiki reaches 400 pages!

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