In the 1990's, when CDs were a new option for video games such as the Carmageddon franchise, CD Audio was made for players to enjoy their experience even more. Back then, the music was sometimes played with software MIDI instruments based on sound cards to prevent the feel of silence, it was very efficient because the sequenced tunes only relied on notes and what instrument samples to play including how they are played. Today, music can often be found in the game files and sometimes be extracted. The videogame soundtrack in the old era was often played from the Redbook Audio (Mixed Mode CD) disc, while the music tracks play at random (unless there's a part of the game where the track is forced).


The music tracks in this game are from Fear Factory and Lee Groves, both have instrumental versions.

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse NowEdit

Same as Carmageddon, but with tracks from Iron Maiden and Sentience. Iron Maiden's songs have lyrics.

Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000Edit

Much like the two, only this time by Utah Saints and Plague.

Unused contentEdit

Carmageddon was going to have MIDI songs according to the demo and leftover MIDI files (.HMI, .MID), but Stainless may have taken them out because they were not too pleased with how they sounded.

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