Carmageddon II level
Nice Beaver
The level's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 1
Opponents 5
Laps 4
Checkpoints 4
Peds 791

Nice Beaver is the first level in Carmageddon II, located in Beaver City. Being the starting race of the game, it's quite easy.


The race starts in regular road. After a short while, there's a gentle curve to the left. After an even gentler curve to the right, there's a small stretch to the East. Before the small lake, turn left, then left again, and right a bit afterwards (1/4). Turn right, and then there's a huge stretch forward. Keep it cool when entering the tunnel, because if you come out to fast, you may jump too much. Turn right and after a while, left (2/4). Turn left twice and you'll reach the crossway where you needed to turn right to reach the second checkpoint. Turn right again, and then left. Avoid falling to the sea, and keep going forward (3/4). After a while, you'll pass through two circular platforms covered with mines that are hard to run into. Keep going left and go slow when making dangerous curves, and you'll soon finish the lap (4/4).

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