Nuclear Bomb
C3 bomb
Icon C3 nuclear
A powerup in CarmaTDR
Type Item
Use Item
Amount 1 use

The Nuclear Bomb is a powerup in Carmageddon: TDR 2000 that drops a nuclear bomb on the level. Actually, the bomb is dropped on top of the car. The player must move (ideally backwards) to let the bomb slide and fall on the ground. Otherwise, the explosion will occur on top of the car, and that's not desirable. The fuse goes down, and after ~7 seconds, the nuclear bomb creates a massive explosion with brutal strength and a huge radius. This explosion is more than enough to waste the player, or any opponent unlucky enough to pass by at the time. Even at a long distance, a vehicle can still suffer considerable damage. Any pedestrian that was near the explosion will also get instantly killed, but unfortunately, the kills aren't accounted for the player.

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