The race menu is where the player starts the next race, switches levels, changes the car, etc. In some games, this menu may have another name/function, but in Carmageddon, this screen is unique.


The player has 5 buttons on the right side: change race, view info, parts shop, change car and start race. On the left side is an image with a part of the next race's location as well as the level's name.

This is where the player must type in the code that unlocks everything or the one that decrypts the game's files.

Carmageddon (PlayStation)Edit

On the right side, the player has the following options: change race, view info, car shop, save game and start race. The left side has an image with a part of the location and the race's name.

Other gamesEdit

Main article: Choose race

This screen is basically the choose race menu, except in Carmageddon II, because the choose race menu is the main menu.

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