Carmageddon Nosebleed Pack location
Super Speedway
Levels Speeeeeeeed Racing!!!
Missions None

Super Speedway (also known as Speedway Oval) is a location in The Nosebleed Pack.


This course is a standard U.S. Stock car racing circuit. That is to say, it's an oval. The level description pokes fun at this boring race setup (in comparison to varied F1 race circuits), as all drivers have to do during a race is drive straight ahead, then left. Speed-related power-ups litter the track to try and hurry this along.

It is terribly sparse, with only three things to liven it up: A pit lane by the starting line, some spectator stands on the straights, and four ramps in a cross shape in the centre. But the most notable feature is the fact that there are twelve opponents on the track.

Cultural referencesEdit

Speed RacerEdit

Speed Racer was the popular US adaptation of Japanese anime Mach Go Go Go, first broadcast in the 1960s. It is the story of a young boy's career in automobile racing.


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