Carmageddon: TDR 2000Edit

The Green Hammer


Top speed 230 MPH
Kerb weight 1.6 tons
0-60 MPH 4.8 seconds
Cost $420,000

"I am the hammer, you are the anvil"


  • His name points to the Norse Thunder God Thor, and his weapon of choice, Mjǫllnir.
  • The truck appears to be a 1989 Toyota Hilux.
  • Green Hammer is a song by speed-metal/grindcore band Seven Minutes Of Nausea. No idea what that has to do with the vehicle, other than dating from the same year.
  • The vehicle's 'hammer' is actually a small pile driver, which is kinda useless on a race truck.
  • The truck is exactly the same as TNT but grungier. Surprisingly, despite being modified with some offensive capability and looking tougher, it's inferior to its cleaner twin.

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