C1 view racers

The view racers screen in Carmageddon.

The view racers screen allows the player to see which opponents will be facing him/her on the selected level. This menu appears after choosing view info. The opponents are chosen randomly each time the race is chosen.


The player may choose which opponent to view by pressing the up/down arrows. A huge mugshot is presented, and after some seconds, a rotating animation of the opponent's car is displayed. After a while his/her info will be shown.

When the player presses the view racers button, it turns into view scene.

Carmageddon (PlayStation)Edit

A large mugshot of the opponent is seen in the left part of the screen, and after some seconds, some of his/her info is displayed. To view another opponent, the player must press left and choose by pressing up or down.

As with Carmageddon, when the view racers option is chosen, it changes to view scene.

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